Octocam with MotionEye OS kernel panics


I’ve been trying to use the Octocam with the motionEye OS (as described in your tutorial https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/motioneye-os-on-your-octocam), but it’s constantly crashing due to kernel panics (every 1-2 mins). In between the crashes wifi works and the web interface shows a camera stream.
I’ve tried the motionEye OS images from January and April 2018, should I try some older ones?
Hardware works with stretch lite using your other tutorial (https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/tanya/make-a-timelapse-with-octocam, so I think the software is to blame.
Any ideas?


ok, I think I spoke too soon.
Also the python script from the second tutorial I mentioned crashes the pi to the point were it totally freezes. I think, it is some sort of hardware defect.
I’ve tried two different sd cards (known to be working). So that leaves the pi or the camera (both from the octocam kit) as the main suspects.
Could it be a faulty pi or camera?


ok, I think its a defective pi zero W. When the pi throws the kernel panic and freezes the attached hdmi monitor shows a corrupted image.

I’ll contact support