Octocam set up for beginner


Myself and my son are completely new to all of this. We have built the Octocam and used etcher to put motioneyeos onto a micro SD card as the tutorial has described. The card now has 4 bcm2708 files, bootcode.bin, cmdline, config, fixup.dat, fwudater.gz, kernel and start.elf on it. When we put the card into the Octocam and plug into our laptop via the USB cable a green light flickers on the Octocam but nothing else happens and the laptop does not see the camera.
Is there something else that needs to be done on the SD card?
Thanks for your help.


Check this out if you want connect your octocam to your laptop:
Note that you cannot use the usb cable supplied with the octocam for this as it can only supply power.


It may be that the Wi-Fi hasn’t been configured properly. This is a common issue with motionEyeOS. If you don’t configure the Wi-Fi correctly then it will just get stuck in an endless reboot loop. It’s frustrating.

How did you prepare the wpa_supplicant.conf file? Make sure that you use a decent text editor like Sublime Text, and that you don’t exclude the quotation marks around the ssid and psk.


Ok thank you for the information, I didn’t realise the lead was for power. I’m new to all of this. I have got my text file for the wifi saved as the correct name but what or where is the boot partition of my SD card? Is this something I have to create? Do I need Fing to find the IP of my camera?

Thank you.


When you plug the SD card into your PC, the boot partition is the one you can access from “My Computer” (assuming you’re on Windows).


I’ve tried following the steps to set up the motioneye os.

When I plug the pi into power it just keeps trying to boot and failing.

I left it for nearly 10 minutes and it didn’t work.

I used notepad++ to write the wpa_supplicant.conf file.

Any advice?