Motioneye fails on boot

Hi, We are trying to set up the octocam but can seem to get it working. We have loaded the latest build of motionEye onto the sd card, making sure that it is the one for the pi zero. We have then created the wireless network configuration file and loaded it into the root of the sd card. When we boot the pi we see all the tasks complete successfully until it gets to setting up the wired network. It then says no device found and panic reboots. What are we doing wrong.

It’s normal for it to just endlessly reboot if it can’t find a network, so best guess is there is an error in you WPA supplicant file. I’ve tried to do that with Motion Eye OS several times and failed. I have several Motion Eye cameras. I have USB Hubs with an Ethernet jack that I use on first boot. This one will work with a Pi Zero.
Three Port USB Hub with Ethernet (micro B) – Pimoroni
On boot up if you have a monitor attached it will show you what IP address it gets. I use that to then log in to its Web GUI and then setup the WIFI connection. I then reboot with the ethernet cable unplugged. Once that’s working I set a static IP