What I did with my PI keyboard

I got a new Pi400 awhile back,I had a Pi kit with a Pi keyboard and mouse ,so I made a Pi200 [nicked name so by Alphanumeric] using a PiZero 2W inside .hooked up so its still usable as a keyboard for the pizero2w inside ! and hooked upto my 5" hdmi LCD .just need to mod it a bit, to get access to the 40pin header and A frame on the front to holdup the lcd
Why? because I cant code,but i can demolish. ;)

zero in keyboard 1|667x500

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Sometimes, not having to mess with code for hours and hours is a good thing. ;)
And a now that there is a 2W, performance wise it shouldn’t be too bad.

As Jack already knows, a Dremel with attachments comes in really handy for doing something like this. Measure once, cut twice, no wait, that’s not right? :P
Measure twice cut once, =)

yup,fursure. I Fugged a few ideas with my Dremel