Does anyone know if Hifiberry Amp+ and DisplayOTron 3000 (dot3k) work together?


I wanted to make an Hifi Stereo system with HifiBerry Amp+, Raspberry Pi2 and DisplayOTron.
I’m not sure if these two devices (dot3k+hifiberryamp+) work together.
The goal would be to use RPi as an AirPlay Streamer and simply display Song Title and Info to dot3k


The documentation on the Amp+ isn’t very helpful- from what I can see I think it uses i2c, and presumably one of the scary and confusing audio transports available on the Pi’s GPIO.

I suspect, and this is an informed guess at best, that the Dot3k LCD ( which uses SPI ) and the Dot3k Backlight ( which uses I2C ) should both be fine- but it looks like the joystick might conflict with some of the pins I imagine HifiBerry would use.

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OK thanks for looking into this. I ordered these devices anyway, I’ll let you know.