Does the RPi4 heatsink work with Pi 3B?

Will the Aluminium heatsink for the RPi4 work with a Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+? thanks! trying to keep some RPI 3Bs and 3B+'s working in a remote tropical location.

Part no. COM3100

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It should work, just be careful how you attach it so it doesn’t touch anything its not supposed to touch. You’ll want to position it so the thermal sticky pad is right over the Pi 3B’s SOC.
I use these ones.

Mainly because they are compatible with the 3B Pibow Coupe cases.

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thanks! we are using our Pi’s where it can get up to 40 plus C so need as much cooling as we can manage (just north of Brazil, and inland)

I think I misread your first post somehow? I thought you were talking about this.

You may have fitment issues with that Pi 4 heatsink Case on a Pi 3? Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

AH yes, I have now seen a Pi4 with this in action and realise that as Pi have moved the ethernet port from one side to the other, the heastink might not work…

I think the SOC / CPU has moved slightly too. My apologies for misreading your first post.
There are heatsink cases for the Pi 3B, FLIR I think makes some. You won’t see them here as Pimoroni only stocks the top dog for each model type Pi. 4B for the B type, and 3A+ for the A models. Plus the Zero and Zero W.