Dot matrix micropython examples not running

im trying to get the examples for the ltp305 driver breakout running but i am having difficulty acually getting them to work.

i am using a tiny2040 with the 1.18 micropython firmware, and i have both the ltp-305 and smbus2 modules installed on thonny. I have the dot matrix breakout board on a breadboard with the microcontroller and the sda and scl connected to gio 0 and 1.

on trying the time example i get the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3, in
ImportError: no module named ‘pimoroni_i2c’

i have tried to find the module using the thonny package finder but it doesnt seem to be on there
and im a little lost at what to try next


It sounds like you are using the standard uf2 file? Try the custom Pimoroni tinny2040 uf2 file, scroll down the page to find it.

Thanks, i think that was it :) ive got it working now.

Nice, have fun. I like it when its an easy fix / solution. =)