Dot3k + UPS PIco HAT = buggy input


Howdy. Happy dot3k user here. When trying it in combination with the UPS PIco HAT however, there’s a problem: the device thinks the ‘up’ button is being held, while it is not.

I was able to reproduce the issue multiple times, also after disassembling the Pi and the HATs. Only connecting the dot3k (without the UPS) solves the issue.

Some additional information:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1
  • UPS PIco HAT, HV 3.0A Compliant (latest model afaik)

Any ideas on how I can get the two to work together nicely?




it is because there are (multiple) pin conflicts:

quoting from the UPS HAT manual you linked in your post:

The Pin which has been dedicated for the FSSD is the pin GPIO.27 and the Pin which
has been dedicated for the RUN is the pin GPIO.22.
If the user does not need this functionality (but, on the contrary, we highly
recommend to use it), or needs to use these pins for other applications, then the
GPIO.27 pin and GPIO.22 pin could be used for other applications provided that the
associated jumpers are open (removed).


Thank you! That clarifies things.

I contacted the UPS PIco manufacturer. For the 3.0 model, the jumpers are no longer on the board due to lack of space. However, they said that a firmware update will be released within the next few weeks which will free the FSSD pins, and, if I understand correctly, preserve FSSD functionality via other means.