Drivers for older PiCade

I have the older PiCade and the SD card I was using died. So I have to start over. Are the instructions for installing the drivers the same as the newer one?

I went here

And did a search for Picade. I “think” this is for the original Hat

It talks about the power button so I thought that was the new one. There is a folder called legacy-python-driver that I don’t know if I need that or not.

I “think” thats optional. I don’t own a Picade, old or new, just so you know.
I would try the one line installer and go from there
curl -sS | bash

I was wondering what the -sS parameters mean to curl. I could not find the answer?

I did a quick google for ‘curl command parameters’ and the first result was which gives you all the arguments for curl, including s and S

It looks like -s silent and -S show error. Thanks I missed this.