Energenie Pi-mote problems

I purchased the Energenie Pi-mote controller board and 2 plug sockets for my Raspberry Pi B last week and it arrived a few days ago much to my excitement. I followed the online instructions on the Energenie website (https://energenie4u.co.uk/res/pdfs/ENER314%20UM.pdf) to program the first socket, and it worked perfectly. Yesterday I altered the script to program the second socket and it also worked as expected.

I set the Pi up to turn a socket on/off using a web interface and this also worked perfectly when I tested it.

I left the Pi switched on for several days while connected to my Ethernet. However when I tried using the web interface this morning, nothing happened. Rebooting the Pi didn’t help.

I tried re-programming a socket all over again by pressing the green button, waiting for the red light to flash and then using Energenie’s suggested script but this failed to work - the light on the socket kept on flashing intermittently, it was as if no RF signal had been sent out at all from the Pi controller board.

I’m just wondering if my Pi controller board is faulty, and if so, is it possible to return it for a replacement?

Thanks for any help,

Hi, sorry to bump this after so long but I wondered how you’ve managed with the Pi-mote and Energenie’s?

I’ve just got the starter kit with board and two sockets, and misunderstood how they’d work. I imagined I’d be able to control them with some form of GUI instead of purely python scripts. I’ve (surprisingly) managed to set them up and trigger them from my new Pi Zero W via the template python script on Energenie’s site.

How are you using yours now? Have you managed to integrate them into automated workflows, or IOT workflow managers like Cayenne or IFTTT?

Hi there, sorry to say I’ve not done anything with the Pi-mote and Energenie sockets for many months now. I discovered that my sockets weren’t working remotely because they were too close together and if I plug them both in at the same time, then neither one works. I managed to get one working on its own, as per my original test, but as I live in a flat, not a larger house, the only places I could situate the second Energenie where it is far enough not to interfere with the first, was out of reach of my wifi network.

So I’m afraid I’ve not tinkered with it much further. The Energenie web script provided worked fine. As I can’t get both to work together in my particular situation, I’ve not pursued this project further. :( Perhaps if more free time allows in the future…


Thanks for the info. They’re certainly not as capable or user-friendly as I’d hoped. I’ll need to get stuck into learning Python to match them up with IFTTT.