Enviro+ and Luftdaten instructions error?

I followed all the instructions here:


Everything went well until it came to getting the script to log data to Luftdaten run automatically at reboot. The command described for the crontab is:

@reboot sudo python /home/pi/enviroplus-python/examples/luftdaten.py &

The problems seem to be:

  1. It doesn’t need to be run using sudo. I’m not sure the root user has the right environment to be successful
  2. The LCD on the Enviro+ sometimes displayed a random set of coloured pixels. I think this was because it was being started too soon and the Pi wasn’t fully ready. I added a sleep 60 command and then didn’t have any further problems
  3. Running luftdaten.py outside of the examples directory fails. To fix this I make a bash script to cd to /home/pi/enviroplus-python/examples and then execute the luftdaten.py script

Now everything seems to be working fine. In the crontab I have:

@reboot python /home/pi/enviroplus-python/examples/startonboot.sh  &

and in startonboot.sh I have:

cd /home/pi/enviroplus-python/examples

I had the same issue and followed your advice successfully.

I had a couple of problems with the device where it would randomly hang or stop sending data so I put a daily restart into Crontab to prevent this occurring, however, I then found that I was getting spikes in my data when the script restarted. I looked at the data being written and realised that it takes a little while for the sensors to stabilise after a reboot, so I added a startup delay into my code which forces the script to wait 5 minutes after the first data read before it submits data to Luftdaten. This seems to have smoothed out my data.

Today I go to check my sensor readings and I found I have been marked as “spamming”, I assume the script is pushing data too often by default. Anyone else have this problem? I have written to them asking for advice how I prevent this happening and how I get reset. Will post an update when I get somewhere.

Here’s my modified main code loop -

# Main loop to read data, display, and send to Luftdaten
delayStart = 0
while True:
        values = read_values()
        if delayStart < 1:
            print("Startup delay 5 mins")
            delayStart =1

            print("Ready to go")
            values = read_values()
            resp = send_to_luftdaten(values, id)
            print("Response: {}\n".format("ok" if resp else "failed"))

Yes, I noticed that the code was sending data in a tight loop with no delay. I looked at what other sensors were logging in the Luftdaten archive at http://archive.luftdaten.info/2019-08-09/ and then put a delay in the code so it sends once every 30 seconds. That cuts the file size of my sensor log to something similar to others (about 100k rather then 4M)