Enviro Grow: Advise needed for assembling grow moisture sensor cables

I would like to assemble my own 1m JST-SH cables mentioned here, because they are not available. Any Idea when they are back in stock?

3-pin JST-SH cables for Grow moisture sensors (pack of 3) – 1m (pimoroni.com)

Im not sure if the connectors are micro JST SH or normal one and are they JST 1/ 1,25/2? And which wire to use AWG/diameter. Links appreciated.

The 35cm one are in stock, could you buy those ones and then extend them, taking advantage of the connectors?

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There is a link on the shop page that will let you e-mail tech support for the exact info you need on those connectors.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

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Thank you, i will get in touch with them.