Grow hat connectors

Do pimoroni sell a connector/jumper wire set for the picoblade 2P connectors on the Grow hat PIM510?
Or can anybody send me some compatible connectors on amazonor something?

They look like 3 pin JST connectors. The kit comes with a wire set to connect them to the pHat. There is a contact us link on the shop page. You could e-mail them via that link to get specific info on the connector. If it’s JST - PH etc.

So they supply three 3-pin JST cables for use with the capacitive sensors supplied with the kit.
But in the description, they name three 2-pin Molex brand name Picoblde connectors, which are 1.25mm pitch.

I don’t know if these Picoblade connectors are compatible with the 1.25mm pitch JST connectors you can get easily on Amazon.
I suspect they are none compatible.

It seems strange that they mixed two similar connectors by two different brands onto the same board.

Ops, Sorry, I missed that you were talking about the “2 pin” headers on the back side. I missed that there “were” pin headers on the back side. =(
The contact us link I posted earlier is likely the way to get detailed info.

I suspect you already got an answer but I doubt the JSTs will fit (they don’t look right from the image) but as it doesn’t say which type of JST connector it is, I can’t be sure. Is there a reason you don’t want to use the Picoblade connector?