Enviro grow (pico w aboard) bme280 readings not correct

my enviro grow board runs the 0.0.9 (pimoroni-picow_enviro-v1.19.10-micropython-v0.0.9.uf2).
The readings from the bm2280-sensor are weird.
-Temperature is about 5°C higher (probably due to heat from pico?)

  • Pressure is ~983 hPa when it should be ~1080 hPa.

Is there a way to correct it ? At least the pressure (Temperature is not somuch an issue)

Do you compensate your pressure reading for sea-level? You need something like this:

alt_fac = pow(1.0-altitude_at_location/44330.0, 5.255)
pressure = pressure/alt_fac

(pressure is your reading from the sensor, altitude_at_location is in meters above sea-level)

Temperature reading will be off if you run (constantly) on USB-power.

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Thanx, I thought, the internal logging would allready do this. Works fine. Will test temperature on battery.