Enviro: Humidity readings seem to be much to low

Hi there,

I found several older topics concerning strange readings from the BME280-sensor due to the influence of the CPU-Temperature. The Python examples do contain code to compensate for this effect and if I tweak the compensation factor I get fairly good values for the temperature.
However humidity is a different affair. I can’t get any decent readings, all values are far to low. I found some code in the weather-and-light.py example which tries to compensate for CPU temperature and uses the compensated temperature:

def correct_humidity(humidity, temperature, corr_temperature):
    dewpoint = temperature - ((100 - humidity) / 5)
    corr_humidity = 100 - (5 * (corr_temperature - dewpoint))
    return min(100, corr_humidity)`

However, this code looks like guesswork to me and doesn’t produce correct values either. In aforementioned older topics I found several ideas for workarounds but no hint on how to do a simple compensation within the code. Maybe someone has an idea here, would be nice to use a small fleet of pi zeroes to measure room climate and collect the data.