Enviro Indoor uploading

My Enviro Indoor works well when I use it at home. However, when I use it on my yacht in a marina it stops uploading to adafruit after a couple of days. The marina has quite good wifi. I have not been able to look at the log file yet but I am wondering what it would do if the wifi failed to connect for a period of time. Would it try to reconnect or not and if the number of files it was trying to upload was too many would that stop it uploading at all. I am taking a reading hourly and uploading every 10 readings.

It should just build up the readings and then sleep until the next reading and if WiFi and the Destination are up it will upload them all. I have had where it has stored over 100 readings while my WiFi was down and then when it came back it uploaded them. I did do a pull request so that once the storage gets to 75% full it stops taking readings and just tries to upload as if it fills up the storage its hard to get it back online and free up the space.