Enviro Indoor

Hi I assume its OK to run the Enviro Indoor from 3 AA size batteries?
Also I have noted that some users are finding that some of the Enviro boards seem to have a bug which stops them uploading after a period of time. Will you be contacting users with new firmware when you have resolved the issue?



Yes. It’ll handle up to 5.5V, and 3xAA is 4.5V.

For what it’s worth, I’m using the 0.0.9 release and haven’t had a problem.

Thanks Matt

Yes I am using that release but I noted that others with problems are still having problems with that release. 0.0.9 - Enviro Urban - Exception while uploading - Caused board to hang fro 2hrs · Issue #119 · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub

Interesting. My enviros aren’t uploading to a mqtt broker directly, so maybe that’s why I’ve not seen this. I’m using a custom http endpoint, which does relay to mqtt afterwards, but the mqtt connection doesn’t happen on the enviros. Just two Indoor models here.

I raised that initially and seems it is only on high frequency readings/uploads. Have two other indoors running on battery taking readings every 10 minutes and they don’t have the same issue, only time they stop is when the battery runs out :-)

I have two, and they were set to take readings every five minutes and upload every single time. Batteries didn’t last long, but I had no other problems.

I ended up customising the firmware to have different periods during the day with different reading frequencies, since I need more regular data at certain times and less data at other times.