Enviro Urban Experience

I recently bought an Enviro Urban and rather then write a review thought I would write up me experiences here.
Having assembled the kit I switched it on and got the red warning LED, to check the device over I plugged it into my PC and the white LED came on and it started the setup. The setup is impressive, I was blown away that the Pico could run such a web site, but then I found I couldn’t set up a connection to an InfluxDB. So downloaded and installed latest firmware which allowed me to connect to the InfluxDB on my Raspberry Pi 4. Everything was looking good but a few hours later the Enviro stopped, read the log and it said it failed to upload. Reset and checked but the following day it stopped again, this time nothing I tried would get it to restart. Checked the batteries and they were only 1v, these had come with the kit and only lasted two days even though I had used recommend settings for uploads to extend battery life. Replaced the batteries and so far everything looks good.