Only 1 reading posted via MQTT on Enviro Indoor after commissioning

I have a pair of Enviro Indoor’s (Pico W Aboard). I have set the up to post every 5 minutes to Home Assistant via MQTT. They were post posting every 5 minutes like little champs for 3 weeks. Then all of a sudden on Wednesday they both stopped posting readings.
I have set up an MQTT listener to see their outputs. They both seem to post 1 reading within a couple of minutes after being powered on via my Mac’s USB ports. Then they never post again.

I have cleaned out the log files via Thonny to free up disk space.

Anybody got any ideas as to why they only post once after starting up and then never again or why they just stopped all of a sudden? Cheers

I’m pretty sure it was the readings files eating up all the space. How can I set it to delete old log /reading files? 5 days is more than enough for me.

If manually deleting the files has sorted out the problem, then it looks like you have found a “bug”. Suggest you report it on the Github page where @lowfatcode is usually very efficient at investigating/resolving.

I’d like to see how it goes over the next few days if it happens again I’ll log the issue.

Ok so a few weeks later i can confirm that it has filled up again as stopped sending readings. I’ll report this on Github