Enviro W pico aboard stopped transmitting to Adafruit io


I have three pimiroroni enviro with pico on board 1x indoor 2x urban. I don’t see any data in the IO feeds on Adafruit since 10-11pm last night. Each device is on a different WiFi network connecting through different uplinks, They have all been running fine until last night all are running off USB power to the wall adapter (no battery). My other sensors using wipper snapper and the controllers I coded myself work fine (~ 4 other devices) also connected to the same WiFi networks and powered from wall adapters. I believe they all run firmware 0.9 the ones I have access to I reprovisioned and still nothing. Any ideas and does anyone else have the same problem?

Just provisioned a brand new enviro urban (new sealed never used) and nothing uploads at all doesn’t even make the new feeds within the enviro group.

I think Adafruit have some relatively low limits on their free IO accounts; is it possible you’ve hit them with multiple devices sending data to them?

Hi @ahnlak I have the IO plus subscription. Unfortunately I found the problem after reading the log files. There was a momentary (hours or less) loss of network for all of them, the result is that they never reconnected and the storage filled up. Even after I cleared the storage I can’t get either board to function properly even after complete flashing of the firmware, one board the pm sensor is dead can’t see it by I2C scan and the other transmits for a few hours and then dies. I need to look into the second again maybe I can fix it but the first is only 8 weeks old…. It shouldn’t die after such a short time.