Enviro indoor and influxbd

I’m trying to get the info from my enviro indoor into an Influxdb running on my home assistant instance. If I set up the indoor to use MQTT I can read all the data and it publishes at the specified time intervals (again using home assistant as the MQTT Broker). I just can’t get the indoor to connect to the database. Everything else on the home assistant is populating the database I can’t see what’s wrong with the setup I’ve got. I’ve used this guide

[Enviro (Pico W Aboard) and InfluxDB]

I’ve connected to my home assistant instance ( lets call it) and supplied the db name (enviro). I’ve followed the step by step guide fully with the usernames and permissions etc. I’ve even set up port forwarding in the router in case that was the problem but when I reset the board it flashes green a few times then goes red.

I may set up a RPi outside of home assistant to test but has anyone any idea to try first?