Enviro weather not posting to influxdb

I am after some advice. I have an enviro grow and an enviro weather station and I want to collect the data on a locally hosted influxdb server. I can not get anything to go on either bit of kit. Now, I am aware that the single point of failure here is the influxdb server but I can not send to adafruit io either so perhaps it is not my server.

  1. is there a way to get more detailed errors than:
    2023-08-18 16:36:25 [info / 102kB] - ip address:
    2023-08-18 16:36:25 [info / 95kB] > uploading cached readings to Influxdb bucket: enviro-weather
    2023-08-18 16:36:44 [debug / 97kB] - an exception occurred when uploading
    2023-08-18 16:36:44 [error / 95kB] ! failed to upload ‘2023-08-18T16_09_58Z.json’ to influxdb
    2023-08-18 16:36:44 [error / 93kB] ! reading upload failed
    2023-08-18 16:36:45 [info / 91kB] > going to sleep
    2023-08-18 16:36:45 [debug / 89kB] - clearing and disabling previous alarm
    2023-08-18 16:36:45 [info / 87kB] - setting alarm to wake at 16:37pm
    2023-08-18 16:36:45 [info / 85kB] - shutting down
    2023-08-18 16:36:55 [debug / 115kB] > performing startup
    2023-08-18 16:36:55 [info / 119kB] - wake reason: usb_powered
    2023-08-18 16:36:55 [debug / 117kB] - turn on activity led
    2023-08-18 16:36:55 [debug / 115kB] > 94 blocks free out of 212

  2. can anyone give some pointers as to where the problem may be?

Both bits of kit can connect to wifi, both are pingable so that bit worked ok. The influx org is setup as my email address and the buckets are weather and plants for weather and grow respectively. Both pico are running latest uf2, (pimoroni-picow_enviro-v1.19.10-micropython-v0.0.9.uf2), and I am a bit stumped. I can share other bits of the config file if that will help, but to start with I am logging every 1 minute and sending after 1 json file is created, while trying to get it working

The json files look good and I am seeing nothing in logs at the
I have the weather station working fine, if I log locally I am seeing everything I would expect but I want to use my data :)
Thanks in advance