Enviro Weather Pico W - failing to upload to Adafruit IO (404 b'Not Found')

Hello all,

I just received my Enviro Weather today, provisioned it via WiFi and now trying to send data to Adafruit IO (free account).

I entered my Adafruit IO details (username, key) and started logging, but it seems that no data is getting sent to Adafruit. No data feeds are appearing in Adafruit IO. I double-checked the config.py details and the credentials seem correct.

I verified in Thonny by USB and the board is logging information, but failing to upload. Each upload gives an error similar to this:
2023-04-26 02:09:14 [error / 85616] ! failed to upload ‘2023-04-26 02:08:54.json’ (404 b’Not Found’) 2023-04-26 02:08:54.json

I didn’t find references to error “(404 b’Not Found’)”, any idea what it might be? I verified and double-checked WiFi info, Adafruit account info.

Any idea what might be causing the problem?

I vaguely remember something similar when I was playing with the Adafruit IO stuff; have you created your ‘enviro’ group within your Adafruit IO account?

Genius… thank you! Can’t believe I spent hours reading all the github pages and troubleshooting this but missed this step. I created the enviro group on Adafruit, pressed the poke button and everything uploaded.

Thanks - this worked for me as well. I’d set up the enviro feed but not the enviro group.