Enviro Weather Errors

I am running a test with my new enviro weather pico w and I have all the setup correct including wifi and am using upload to Adafruit IO. I have not connected the wind or rain sensor, but do not get any info to show up on my Adafruit IO. I have connected the enviro weather pico to a raspberry pi runny Thonny and ran the main.py file, it gives me the following errors in the shell window:
2022-11-04 19:23:16 [error / 102064] ! failed to upload ‘2022-11-03 15:52:31.json’ (400 b’Bad request’) 2022-11-03 15:52:31.json
2022-11-04 19:23:17 [error / 119104] ! failed to upload ‘2022-11-03 16:07:03.json’ (400 b’Bad request’) 2022-11-03 16:07:03.json
2022-11-04 19:23:18 [error / 109328] ! failed to upload ‘2022-11-03 16:22:03.json’ (400 b’Bad request’) 2022-11-03 16:22:03.json
Not sure what this means, any help would be nice.

With “Bad request” (error-code 400) the server tells you that you either used a wrong URL, or you transferred content it did not expect. Have a look at your json-files you are trying to upload, maybe you will find a hint there (wrong content, illegal formatting, missing values or something like that).

Thanks for your reply. I have not changed anything, just got the enviro weather and connected it to the wifi and set up to upload to Adafruit IO. The instructions say that is all that was needed, but I never received any data on the Adafruit IO. That is when I connected the controller to a raspberry pi using Thonny and ran the main.py program. I can see all of the files that are stored on the controller and every time I run the main.py it tells me that some older json files we not uploaded. I cannot find where these files are stored.