Enviro Indoor RTC / Reset Button / USB Power Cycle differences

I have an Enviro Indoor Kit and I’d like to buy some more (now that they’re in stock and currently discounted).

However, I have an issue with the board “locking up” after a few days on USB power (no host attached) that I’d like to clear up first.

I currently using the Enviro Urban with adafruit.io and have made some changes to my Unifi wifi setup, such that I don’t believe there are any issues with the wifi or adafruit.io.

After a few days, I get the flashing red LED, and subsequent pushes on the “prod” button and “reset” button seem to be to no avail.

Only when I remove and replug the USB power, does the unit manage to talk to the adafruit.io again (after pressing the prod button).

In the intervening time “lock-up” there are no transactions queued.

Now, I understand that using USB power must bypass the RTC / Reset circuitry, and that a full USB power cycle will reset more hardware (due to power loss).

I’m just a little surprised that I can’t get an equally clean reset via the RTC / Reset button?

I suppose that a workaround would be to get an USB to power socket converter (i.e. so that I could feed USB power in via the RTC / Reset circuit). but I’m hoping that there might a a firmware fix that could remove the need for additional hardware.

Are you on the most recent firmware? We released a new version on Friday, which (amongst other things) includes better logging, so it should hopefully be able to give you some clues as to why it’s crashing in the logs.

Oooh, very interesting. Hadn’t seen that as it’s so new. Thanks for the heads-up. Am running 0.0.8 on my Enviro Indoor and Urban boards. Will upgrade immediately. I see lots of potentially important fixes. Shame about losing voltage monitoring, though :(

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Yeah - hopefully we’ll figure out a way to bring it back!