Enviro+ installation script error

When running the One line intall script for Enviro+,

curl -sSL https://get.pimoroni.com/enviroplus | bash

I got the error text as pasted below. The script continued, so may have recovered. Is this something I need be concerned about or need to fix? To me, it doesn’t look similar to the previously reported PiPy website errors

apt uninstall -y python-cffi libportaudio2
zip_safe flag not set; analyzing archive contents…
file _sounddevice.py (for module _sounddevice) not found
file _sounddevice.py (for module _sounddevice) not found
File “build/bdist.linux-armv7l/egg/sounddevice.py”, line 2377
repr(list(conversion_dict))) from e
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Are you running the latest just released 2020-12-02 PiOS?
If yes it might be due to the switch to PulseAudio?
Just a guess if I’m honest. I’m running some of the Enviro Examples, but not on an actual Enviro or Enviro+. It’s an equivalent breakout garden setup. I don’t run the Enviro installer, I do each breakout one by one.

Thanks. Yes, I have upgraded to the latest PiOS.

I’ve yet to see whether it is actually working. Need to wait 2 days more for th hardware!

The weather-and-light.py example is pretty cool IMHO. It’s what is show running on the Enviro, on its product page. I have that running on my breakout garden setup.
I’m also running the all-in-one-mini example on a triple display setup. It’s what is shown running on the Enviro+, on its product page. I have temperature graphed on one LCD, humidity on another and pressure on the third. It’s just on a solderless breadboard at the moment. Had to prove it could be done first. I have a proto board to move it all to and solder it up in a final more permanent build.
Just have to find my round 2it. ;)