Enviro pHAT help


I just bought Envrio pHAT and I am starting to learn Raspberry pi usage. I don’t want to directly attach sensor to the board because I have casing that cannot be closed after. So I was trying to connect the sensor with the board with wires but available pinout at https://pinout.xyz/pinout/enviro_phat is very confusing. Why you don’t have any simple diagram where containing picture of pHAT showing where is pin one and what other pins should be connected to the board to make sensors available and working. Something like showing in the picture.


The square pad on the GPIO header connection is pin 1. It goes
2 4 6 8
1 3 5 7
Looking down from the top, component side up. Normally you have the pHat plugged directly on top of the Pi and pin 1 would be connected to pin 1 etc. To use jumper wires to connect it to the Pi go pin for pin.
Pin 2 to pin 2 on the Pi, Pin 6 to pin6 etc. Just do the ones shown as being used in the pinout.
Have a look at this, https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-enviro-phat


Thank you, for your suggestions!