Schematic of Einviro pHAT

Is it possible to get the schematic of Enviro pHAT. I could not find it anywhere.

We don’t usually make schematics available. For what purpose would you like it?

There’s lots of detail about the various sensors used on Enviro pHAT in the blog post below.

And the pins used are detailed at

Hi, I am having a similar request.
Actually I do not need all schematics and details. I am looking for what pins are used for the connection with the Pi.

As a lot of other people noticed the pHAT is not very accurate with the temperature. My idea is to connect the Pi and the pHAT with some jumper-cables. I do not have 40 and I do not want to just try and guess.

So far I did not learn a lot from all the documentation, or I just did not find the right one yet.

Any chance that you could point me/us in the right direction?

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as @sandyjmacdonald posted above, the pinout is available at:

… but basically all the sensors operate over I2C. You may skip BCM4 if you don’t need the LEDs. Your choice of ground does not matter (physical pin 6 makes sense due to its location).


Same as bkorjonen I am going to remotely attach the Enviro phat to my zero w in a window on my shed roof. Ie. detect whether the sky is blue/grey, temp, humidity etc. Replies and links have been informative. :) So far I have gathered the Pi/Enviro phat connections need wiring on pins BCM 2/3/4 and a ground hence requiring a 4 wire cable. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

In addition, would it be better to use a shielded 3 wire cable and use shield as ground to stop any spurious interference?

Cheers for helping a newbie, and to bkorjonen for asking.