Enviro+ schematic (not pinout) and maybe a manual

wanted to use it with a sps30 Sensirion so wondering if they could co-exist and such. I would like to use more than one hat and since I have to separate Environ+ from the PI zero anyway with a cable I am wondering what could conflict and which signals I need, if eventually I could make use of the additional connectors/pin available etc.

In the Pimoroni shop you find the Adafruit SCD-30 - NDIR CO2 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. In the description your find: I2C digital interface address 0x61, for the Sensirion if found I2C address: 0x69 in datsheet. My Enviro+ installed at a Pi400 use this I2C adress:

The I2C bus allows multiple devices in parallel and therefore it should be no problem to use a sps30 or scd-30 in parallel.
Some GPIO pins are available at the Enviro+ board
The pinout of the Enviro+ you can find here: Enviro Plus at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout.
To have access to more than one GPIO you can use an GPIO Stack (see in Pimoroni shop) or something simular.

More infos you can find on Adafruit home page.

The Pinout will show you what interfaces it uses. Most of the environmental sensors will be on i2c. You can have multiple devices on i2c as long as no two devices have the same address.
Running sudo i2cdetect -y 1 will show you what ones are in use.
0x49: ADS1015
0x76: BME280
0x23: LTR559
The display is on SPI0 and uses CE1. You can have multiple devices on SPI as long as each one uses a different Chip Select.
The MIC likely uses i2s. I’m not sure what the PMS sensor is using UART maybe?
The Hat Hacker, Mini Black Hat Hacker, or pHat Stack etc will let you connect multiple hats to a Pi.

Getting Started with Enviro+ (pimoroni.com)

Many thanks Felse and Alphanumeric.

Going to buy PIM322 (Pimoroni pHATStack), hope there will be not too many “conflicts” about GPIO. PMS5003 should use I2C,SPS30 can use either I2C or RS232.
I am going to buy PMS5003 anyway, so I could use it directly with the software examples.
Not sure what I will add to complement it, like AutomationHat or other stuff, depending on how many “services” I will implement per PI.


The Automation Hat has conflicts with the Enviro +.
Automation HAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout