Enviro+ Mini - Serial Console?

Hi, I have an Enviro+ Mini on a Pi Zero W, all up and running. I’m going to be using it headless in a location where it will be sending data over MQTT, but where it will be inconvenient to take a HDMI monitor and keyboard, and where I won’t be able to SSH to it over the local Wi-Fi. The Non-Mini version of the Enviro+ uses the UART GPIO pins for the particulate sensor, but as there is no PMS on the Mini I don’t think it uses these pins, so can I re-enable and use the serial console? I can make a little shim to get at the pins. Would I need to hack out all the PMS support from the Python library code?


Pinout is here, Enviro Plus at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
The Plus has the PMS header on it and has stuff wired to those pins. I think the ADS1015 analog to digital converter (ADC) is wired to those pins, not 100% sure though?
The non plus Enviro doesn’t have the ADC or the header though.
If you don’t have the PMS you don’t need to be, and IMHO shouldn’t be running that code. There are examples without it. all-in-one-no-pm for example. And the all-in-one-enviro-mini doesn’t have it.
You can manually strip it out if need be. I striped out the temp compensation stuff as it wasn’t needed for my setup.

Thanks. Looking at the PMS data sheet, it has a UART serial interface (and two other control lines which I don’t care about). There’s no posted pinout for the Mini version, but I guess the UART lines don’t go anywhere on that board, so I should be able to use the serial console. I’m not importing the PMS class in my code. I’ll make up a shim and give it a try.