Enviro mini and PMS5003

Hi! By mistake I bought the Enviro mini hat (not the plus, which is the one I should have bought…) and the PMS5003 air quality sensor. Does anyone know if it’s possible to connect the PMS5003 using the GPIO from the enviro mini? I’m using the Enviro mini with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, if it matters.

I would think it should be doable. You could use a Proto Zero on a stacking header, put it between the Pi and Enviro. Then cut the header off one end of the ribbon cable and wire it up to the correct pins.
ProtoZero – Pimoroni
2x20 pin Female GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi – Pimoroni << Use the 11mm long one
Premium Pi standoff selection – Pimoroni

Enviro Plus at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Villosil, what were your results, did you get the PMS5003 sensor to work with the Enviro board? I did the same thing, purchasing four Enviro boards and four PMS5003 sensors. The PMS5003 came with cables and header boards, is it as simple as connecting the header board to Enviro’s open pins? thank you for your consideration.

Poking around in the example file, it appears it just uses UART.

# Configure the PMS5003 for Enviro+
pms5003 = PMS5003(

And the extra connector on the Enviro+ is just a convenience add on to make it easy to plug the PMS in. I don’t think there is any extra electronics in the mix? Just tracks on the board to the needed GPIO pins.
All that is bought out to that extra row of GPIO connections on the front of the Enviro is Power and i2c. Your going to need a Proto Zero of something similar to get at the needed pins on the GPIO.