Which connector uses the PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor?


I’ve played a bit with the Enviro + and the PMS5003 using the included cable to connect the two boards.
Now I’d like to use the Particulate Matter Sensor with a Raspberry Pi (still to decide which) but I cannot find the specification of the connector. It’s just described as Pico Blade but I found several hits googling this definition and none seems to match the real stuff.
Can anybody help me to find the correct specification and, possibly, where to buy some connectors and pins?
Many thanks in advance for the help

This may help?
Particulate Matter Sensor Breakout (for PMS5003) - Pimoroni

That would certainly help even if I’d rather use just a cable with the proper Pico Blade connector (sensor side) and whatever is convenient (different connector, direct soldering, etc.) on the other side.
An additional point is the cost. Having it shipped from UK to Europe is going to cost a fortune (compared to the little board price) in shipping and customs charges.
In any case I’ll keep it in mind, should I have to buy other things from Pimoroni and, therefore, share the shipping costs.
Thank you

If you want to take it up a notch, the Pi Enviro + has the conector and code for attaching a PMS Module.
Enviro for Raspberry Pi - Monitor your world! - Pimoroni

Actually I’ve the Pico Enviro + Pack that has just the Pico Blade connector for the particle matter sensor

Ops, yes, I see you mentioned that in your first post. Too many tabs open at one time error on my side. I’m just getting back online after a 7 day radio silence due to Hurricane Fiona. No power and no internet for 7 days, playing catch up with Pimoroni e-mails etc.

Good grief, I hope you, or your family, haven’t been directly impacted by the hurricane. I can hardly imagine what would be finding yourself in such a disastered area. We have just started seeing some tornadoes along the coasts, in Italy. All the best and thank you for your help

We got hit hard here. I’m in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m close to the coastline. I lost some shingles off of my roof. And some food in the fridge went bad. Cooked what I could on the barbeque. All good now though.

OK, all in all it could have gone worse. Nice country Canada. I’ve been there several times when I was active, working. Mostly Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. I’ve always enjoyed the Canadian way of mind, a good balance between work and life. Take care

P.S. I’ve just purchased the breakout board you suggested and a few more things from Pimoroni