Adapting the Enviro+ to use an sds011 particulate monitor

Hey all, I have just picked up an enviro+ hat, and I have an existing SDS011 particulate monitor. I know the hat has a cable out for the PMS5003, but has anyone successfully read input from the alternate sensor I already have? I’m assuming it will require a little rewiring and some modifications to the code.


It looks like the SDS011 also uses UART so you may be able to bodge it onto the Enviro+ header. The pinout of the onboard header is given in the datasheet-

On the other side- Looking from top of Enviro+ with the artwork orientated correctly and the PMS5003 header on the bottom the pinout is, from left to right:

  • 5v
  • Gnd
  • En
  • Tx
  • Rx
  • Reset
  • N/C
  • N/C

You would need to write your own software to read the SDS011, or find an existing library out there. You could use the PMS5003 library as a starting point, the UART protocol is different (the SDS011 is just 10 bytes) but shares similar concepts- packet header, data bytes, checksum being just a sum of the data bytes:

Hey there, cheers for the reply! We have some scripts already reading the SDS011 directly through usb so I think we can look at implementing the core of those scripts. Just need to hunt around for a picoblade connecter now :)