Enviro Urban (Pico W Aboard)

Hi, my newly purchased Enviro Urban (Pico W Aboard) seems to be “stuck” on 100% humidity.
I have rebooted the unit, taken the batteries out and waited for one minute before repowering, brought it indoors to test but with no success.
Not sure if this is relevant but I get the following message from adafruit io “THROTTLE WARNING: 7 actions requested, 2 remaining”. Could the 2 remaining be the humidity values ?
Any advice would be appreciated,

Are you using the latest software release? Release v0.0.8 · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub

I have tried this using MQTT client for Enviro Urban and humidty readings work fine.

Hi thank you for the reply.
Yes I am using the latest version.
Strangely the humidity readings were working for me also, but not any longer.