Enviro-weather and HTTP POST

Hi All
I got an Enviro weather board for Christmas and it’s working fine straight from the box.
However, I decided to provision it so that it would POST to my LAMP server on an old Raspberry Pi on my local network.
Most of the time the Enviro weather reports it’s successfully uploaded to my server but I don’t know how to retrieve the data.
Can anyone suggest a program in JavaScript, PHP or whatever that will retrieve the data so I can use it for my weather website I’m designing?

You cannot just post data to a server without providing an API (i.e. an application) on the server side that actually accepts the data and does something with it (e.g. write it to a file or a database). If you have installed an application on your LAMP server, then you should know what your application does with the data.

Thank you for your response.
Can you suggest a simple API that would, say, just print out the POSTed data on a web page? I could probably take it from there. I’ve drawn a blank so far. I’ve always FTP’d my data to my web servers using ftplib which I’ve found works well. Unfortunately, Enviro_weather doesn’t provide an FTP option. My knowledge of HTTP POSTing is limited to using forms and a bit of PHP on the server side.

You cannot post to a web-page. You post to an application. In your case in PHP. That application takes the data and puts it into a database. A browser then requests a webpage (this is usually done with a normal GET), the application (again PHP) process the request, reads the data and delivers the data in form of a webpage to the browser.

Web-applications are very specific to the data they process. Therefore there is nothing I can suggest. Maybe someone has already written such an application for exactly your data (try google), but it actually would surprise me.

I confess to being a little confused; if the Enviro is reporting it’s successfully uploaded something to your server, there must already be something configured to accept it?

It’d be nice to know what that is :)

Well… it’s your Pi isn’t it?!

I mean; what’s the end point you have configured on the Enviro, and what have you installed on the Pi? Are you following something like Enviro (Pico W Aboard) and InfluxDB ?