Envirogrow: starts to change timestamp to future date

I’ve carried out a quick search for this issue on the forum but couldn’t find an answer.

I’ve been experiencing an issue where the envirogrow seems to be functioning correctly and then for no obvious reason it sets the timestamps of readings (and log entries) to a future date (adds ten years)

I’ve connected with Thonny to check RTC time in the terminal which is correct - but the timestamp of the next reading, and the log entries have the incorrect date again. Rechecking the terminal shows the RTC datetime is correct.

Manually correcting the date in the queued json files and then resetting the envirogrow (to force an upload) successfully sends the edited files, however the device will take it’s automatic readings and stamp them incorrectly again.
This successfully sends the edited uploads (to adafruit) but the device then hard stops because the new readings are rejected by adafruit (because of the future date) and the log shows that the envirogrow sets itself a wake time 10 years in the future! Which explains why it goes completely dormant.

I’ve tried resetting, re-provisioning multiple times, tried different configs, overwriting the firmware (several times) - currently using v0.0.9.

I’ve also now plugged it into usb power permanently because I thought it maybe related to battery power and I’ve removed all the accessories (pumps, moisture probes).

At some point in flashing/resetting etc it will start time stamping properly again for a period of time (few hours/days) but then the behaviour randomly starts again.

Nothing obvious in the logs jumps out as a clue.

Can anyone help?
Many thanks

I’ve seen this before, in Star Trek. Are you sure that your greenhouse (or whatever) isn’t intersecting a temporal anomaly? Possible indications of it could be that your plants grow incredibly quickly, and that when you go to check on them, you age rapidly.

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On the off chance it’s not the temporal anomaly thing, I think Chris has been working on fixing some RTC oddities and incorporating some better Adafruit IO error handling in this branch if you wanted to give it a go :)

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I’ll hold off calling CERN for now and give that branch a try XD
Thank you!


Just a quick follow up to confirm that the Envirogrow has remained stable ever since patching.
Thanks again

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