Envirophat 3 of 4 i2c


I have 2 Pi Zero’s, both with male hammer headers installed and an Envirophat with a female hammer header. When I connect the Envirophat to either pi and issue i2cdetect -y 1, i only see 3 of the 4 sensors.


If I run an example script or issue something like:
sudo python
from envirophat import light

the leds on the Envirophat turn off and I get an error that seems to be looking for 0x58 in bmp280.py and throws an I/O error.

Running fully updated Raspbian.

My pin headers look flush and solid, and it doesn’t seem to matter which pi i plug it in to.

Any ideas?


Can you have a look under where it says temp on the board at the silver component with a hole in it and check it looks alright and the same with the supporting components around it. It may also be benificial if you post a picture of the whole board.



Please contact support@pimoroni.com so that we can process a replacement for you. :-)