Envirophat - empty install / module path for python


Hi, all,

trying to get my first sensor on RPi 3 B+ with Raspbian running - it started out with some errors at the very beginning…

  1. run: curl https://get.pimoroni.com/envirophat | bash

  2. also run install scripts over pimoroni dashboard or python3 and python seperately

  3. in python: “from envirophat import light” results in “module not found”

  4. in usr/local/lib/pythonX.X/dist-packages is NO directory for envirophat

what is missing?

am i right that it is for installing steps not necessary to have the envirophat already attached to the Pi?



This is odd, Enviro pHAT is of the packages shipped with Raspbian- as in, it’s already installed and ready to go from the moment you install the OS!

You could try:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --reinstall python-envirophat python3-envirophat

And see if that restores it.


still it is odd…

for more detail after running it with Thonny 2.1.16

Python 3.5.3 (/usr/bin/python3)

%Debug all.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/Pimoroni/envirophat/examples-old/all.py”, line 6, in
from envirophat import light, weather, motion, analog
ImportError: No module named ‘envirophat’

As you can see on “examples_old” I already tried several times installing enviro pHAT…

Perhaps one more hint?


it is not odd anymore…

as it is with beginners, they are a little…

I used your command lines the wrong way
(“sudo apt install” instead of “sudo apt install --reinstall python-envirophat python3-envirophat” because of the font color)

now, it runs :)

Thanks a lot for your help!


D’oh! The code formatting makes that bit look like a comment and really low contrast! Glad you’re up and running.