Error with Scroll pHat installation



First of all I apologize for my English I defend myself with reading but little more, but I have a problem with the “Scroll pHat”

To date I have worked perfectly on a Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3, with OS Raspibian Jessie. Decided to upgrade to the latest version Raspibian Jessie with pixel starting at 0.

I previously did apt-get update and upgrade and enabled SPI and i2C but when I installed the drivers as indicated by “curl -s -s | bash” I get this error: "Apt Failed to update indexes! "

I do not find a solution and my knowledge about this OS are few at the user level recently arrived from Windows so I do not know how to go forward, if they could help me I would be very grateful.



That’s curious. Might be a bug in our scripts, or perhaps a problem with your setup. I’ll summon @RogueM and see if he has any ideas.

Could you paste the full output of the error please? If the forum rejects it, try


Hello again.

Thanks for replying, this output the screen with the error.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ curl -sS | bash

This script will install everything needed to use
the Pimoroni Scroll pHAT

Always be careful when running scripts and commands
copied from the internet. Ensure they are from a
trusted source.

If you want to see what this script does before
running it, you should run:
\curl -sS

Note: Scroll pHAT requires I2C communication

Do you wish to continue? [y/N] y

Checking environment…
Updating apt indexes…

Apt failed to update indexes! ->
pi@raspberrypi:~ $


Did apt-get upgrade completed successfully? and was it completed when you launched the script?

I ask because the step failing is a very simple apt-get update, and you can’t have multiple processes operating over dpkg simultaneously.


Yes, in fact and to make sure once the upgrade is finished, restart the raspberry pi zero


Hello again.

I have tried to install the drivers for phat blink and microdot (I do not have them at the moment, but the microdot is my next purchase) and I get the same result “Apt failed to update indexes!”

I have tried to install other soft, like the Ninja-IDE, OLED displays (Adafruit), Python add-ons, and various utilities, both from the command line and from the graphical environment, and without any problem.


are you sure that apt-get update works correctly for you. The most likely is that you have a dependency missing for a manually installed package and it is returning an exit code!


The upgrade does not mark error, I tried a clean installation on a raspberry pi 3, and before and after upgrading gives the same error. I can only search for an older OS version and try


hold on, I’m not talking about upgrade… can you post the full output of:

sudo apt-get update


anyhow, you can try the following, which will bypass the syncing of indexes:

curl -sS | bash -s - "-y"

but I can’t guarantee the process will complete successfully, there is something odd about your system, however that may have resulted.


I was wrong before, towards update and upgrade, in any case I send the update log

pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo apt-get update Obj jessie InRelease Obj jessie/main armhf Packages Obj jessie/ui armhf Packages Ign jessie/main Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/main Translation-es Ign jessie/main Translation-en Ign jessie/ui Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/ui Translation-es Ign jessie/ui Translation-en Obj jessie InRelease Obj jessie/main armhf Packages Obj jessie/contrib armhf Packages Obj jessie/non-free armhf Packages Obj jessie/rpi armhf Packages Ign jessie/contrib Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/contrib Translation-es Ign jessie/contrib Translation-en Ign jessie/main Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/main Translation-es Ign jessie/main Translation-en Ign jessie/non-free Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/non-free Translation-es Ign jessie/non-free Translation-en Ign jessie/rpi Translation-es_ES Ign jessie/rpi Translation-es Ign jessie/rpi Translation-en Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho pi@raspberrypi:~



I have tried to perform an installation from 0. Without changing anything, neither updates, nor upgrade, just changing the file wpa_supplicant, to be able to remotely control the rasperry pi. In this case, the drivers have been installed, I have tried several examples and it works.

Now, afterwards, I changed the options to use my language, keyboard, time zone, Wi-Fi zone, and I expanded the file system, then I tried to install the phat drivers “Blinkt!” and failed error being the same “failed to update indexes Apt”.

Then I tried to leave the local configuration to the initial values (UK) but the result is the same, it is not installed.

I do not know if expanding the file system can cause this problem, but I do not think so, but if you want I make a clean installation and just change this.


try the extended command I posted above. It should work.

incidentally, Raspbian jessie now automatically expand the filesystem on first boot, so it’s not a step you have to do manually (though nothing bad should happen if you do).



Finally it works: D, many thanks finally it has been installed and it works perfectly.

Already as a curiosity I tried to make a clean installation and fails when I change the configuration of keyboard, language, … to Spanish, I have to try and already out of curiosity an upgrade (without any previous change) and see what happens.
In any case now that I know it works I can go thinking about buying the phat microdot

Again thank you very much for the help, bye