ESP8266 IoT pHAT standalone use kit?


Is there a market for an ESP8266 carrier that would provide it power for standalone use…
I mean use without the Pi.
It would just provide power and whatever is needed over a 40 pin connector.
One could build a project from the Pi that run on the ESP8266 and then use it without the Pi.

The same “fake Pi” for wearable could be used for the Rasp IO Duino

If there is no market for this, how would you build that?
Should there be both 5V and 3V?


I am building a ESP IoT pHAT with Zero LiPo. I used a 26-way (but 40-way would work too) stacking header.

… not quite there so can’t comment on exact details, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work.

and, to answer your question about power, you’d only need 5V, the pHAT has a voltage regulator integrated.

Edit: RaspIO Duino + Zero LiPo wouldn’t work though, as the ATMega is powered at 3v3.