Explorer HAT has 8 analog inputs?

Hey guys, a bit confused on the Explorer HAT description.

I’m looking for the most simple and cost effective way to get 8 simultaneous analog inputs to my Pi Zero W (something like what’s standard on a Arduino or similar)

I was going to try build a little PCB around the MCP3008, but saw the explorer and though maybe it would save me the hassle.

The description says 4 buffered inputs, then later it says 4 analog inputs.

If I don’t care about the 5V buffering, can I just use all 8 together?

How about this instead, Eight of the pins are hooked up to an Analog to Digital Converter

Oh boom! Since this is on I2C, does that mean I can use more than one?

No, I don’t think so, not that breakout anyway. You can have multiple devices on i2c, as long as no two devices use the same i2c address. Some breakouts like the BME280, have an address select jumper that lets you change the address. Change the address on one and you can use two of them. I don’t think the io expander has that jumper. It’s not shown or listed as an option on the product page.

You could use it with something like the Explorer pHat though to get 4 more analog inputs. It uses 0x48 and the io expander uses 0x12