Fan shim case compatibility

Do you know if this fan is compatible with this case ?

If you leave out the fan that comes with it, it “should” be fine. I can’t say 100% as I don’t have that case. I have several Fan Shims and they sit nice and low on the Pi 4B. The top of the fan housing is just below the top of the ethernet jack housing.

thank you very much and the system is stupid as it doesn’t allow me to simply type THANKS :/

Yeah, I know, the minimum 20 characters has caught me out a few times.
Worst case scenario, you can just use the fan that comes with the case. It will just be on all the time instead of temperature controlled.

The original fan is a little bit too noisy and not so effective…

I had a similar issue with my SmartiPi case. I just plugged the fan onto the 3.3V GPIO pin instead of the 5V one. It runs a little slower and quieter that way.

EDIT: I currently only have a Pi 3B+ in that case. If it was a Pi 4B I likely wouldn’t have just run the fan slower. I do have plans to put a fan shim in that case, but mount the fan where the orignal was. I have the longer JST cable to do it, I just have to find my round 2it. ;)

I’m already using the 3.3V pin. The noise is definitely lower than using the 5V pin, but still annoying :/

OK, some times you just get a bum fan, or they cheeped out on what they supplied.
Mine isn’t too bad noise wise. I just didn’t need full speed for a Pi 3B+. I could likely get away with no fan if the Pi wasn’t covered up a bit by the case.

Just to mention that I was able to fit the fanshim, but I had to cut a couple of plastic reinforcements in the case… 5 minutes work