Fan SHIM operating systems

Hi. Just wanted to ask will Fan SHIM support Kali Linux and/or Windows 10 IoT core? (systems on Raspberry pi 4 of course)

By default the fan will run as long as the Pi has power. It will cool the Pi even with no software installed. As far As I know the installer will only work on Raspbian. So you won’t have any LED function or temperature on off control of the Fan. The Button will boot up the Pi if it was shutdown but still has power. Thats about it though. If Kali supports the same dtoverlays Raspbian does you could get some functionality back. Or do up your own code to control the fan and LED via python…

Thanks a lot man. Good to know.

There was a fairly long thread on hear where somebody added support to “I think it was” Kodi or LibreELEC. They did up a plug-in to turn the fan on off based on temperature.
I guess it just comes down to skill level etc.