Fan shim stops working after a while

I’ve had my fan shim for about 1 month now, and it stopped working all of a sudden. It spins a little and then stops. If I move it a little with my finger it starts spinning but stops again. I’ve carefully removed it and fully cleaned it of dust, but the problem persists. This is the exact same problem I’ve had with my previous fan shim, which I got replaced, but it seems to keep happening. Not a software issue I believe because the problem exists before any software gets to run, and also after.
I’m running it on a Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve also tried taking it off and putting it back a few times to no luck. It stopped working literally without me doing anything. One evening I went to check if it’s working like I always do, and it just wasn’t spinning. Is there a way to get it to work without replacing it again?

Try this:

Worked for me thanks

I’m glad to hear it.

I never really cared for this type of connection. I would have preferred a more robust pass-through.

I agree, I have same issue with the led shim