Favorites in ES not saving on shutdown

I just completed setting up a new 10inch Picade and finally got the controls working correctly (originally had an issue where select would start recording video, not an uncommon problem it seems). However I have now noticed a new problem. When I press the power button to shutdown the script closes ES and starts a shutdown of the Pi, which does seem to be working as expected but none of my favorites or other changes that I made in ES are being saved. Is the shutdown script actually properly shutting down ES to allow these changes to be saved?

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I had the same problem, but if you shutdown withon the ES menu, and don’t use the power button, I found it saved them. I’m sure there’s a proper work around, but at least if you add something to your favs and do this, they won’t be lost. I also found after a while, I wasnt saving to favs everytime I played, so if you haven’t saved anything in the session, you can use the power button to shut down, and it didn’t wipe the favourites list from previous saves.