Flotilla Docs & Cookbook


OK, so I finally started to play with Flotilla, I have been moving house, so it was at the bottom of one of my many boxes.

So I have loaded the software and have Rockpool working and seeing the dock, found two recipes so tried them, sort of works.

I did the Kickstarter thing as I thought this would be a good intro for my grandson, so I was expecting a bit more in the way of Tutorials/ Explanation of what the modules are doing, how do we construct the line follower?

It all seems a bit hit and miss, not even any online documents that I can find.

Confused and Disappointed


We’re cranking out documents and new cookbook recipes at the moment, plus a website to house them all. Bear with us!


Thanks , that is good to hear.


So, I tried using the synth after todays update. But the website doesn’t look right to me… Same in FF and Chrome on OSX. Flotilla is attached to a Raspi 1, which is connected to the local WiFi network.


I can’t even get the cookbook website to work at all. It gets stuck on searching for docks and the find a dock manually button doesn’t do anything. I dont need the new shipshape update to use cookbooks do I?


No, the original cookbooks i.e Mood Light and Weather Station are specifically only compatible with the original firmware/daemon/rockpool.

… the network scanning was very experimental at the time and in most cases did not work. You have to use the Pi’s address, or localhost if on the same machine, which should work if your dock is in working order and you have ran the ‘rockpool’ one-line installer.

That said, we are going to migrate everyone to the environment supported going forward, the end result of what we’ve lovingly referred to as ‘shipshape’, and I don’t think it’s worth you troubleshooting your issue at this stage as that’s pretty much imminent and hopefully this will be the route of least friction for you.

Anyhow, please bear with us a little longer, we’ll make some announcements when that’s all ready to roll!


The ShipShape branch of Rockpool, the Daemon and the Flotilla Firmware is all considered pretty final now.

We’re now working on making a final release available on GitHub and getting everyone moved onto it in preparation for Cookbook. The latest Cookbook and Rockpool require the latest firmware and software to accompany them, and there’s no cross-compatibility between old and new since we made some breaking changes to move everything onwards and upwards.

The latest version of Rockpool can be found here, soon to be moved to /rockpool: http://flotil.la/shipshape/

The cookbook is still a work in progress. Many of the examples work, but may be buggy or just plain ugly. However if you’re the pioneering enterprising sort and you’re all upgraded to the latest Flotilla software ( ShipShape ), they can be found here:

Currently in progress:

  • Friendly Fan
  • Line Follower

( Yes a lot of examples still look awful :D )

If you encounter any gameplay bugs, please report them here: https://github.com/pimoroni/flotilla-cookbook

Suggestions for new recipes can go below ;)


Is shipshape offically released now? I though it was from the last update but I can’t find anywhere to download it.


The primary installer script mentioned at http://flotil.la/start will bring your Flotilla environment up-to-date, so run:

curl get.pimoroni.com/rockpool | bash



In the same vain as AmaTech who started this thread I finally got around to attempting some projects with my 10 year old (courtesy of my kickstarter mega treasure chest) and have encountered some difficulties though the lack of help/documentation, which I’m puzzled by as the regular flotilla video updates show something more ‘complete’. Key observations/requests as follows:

  • Thought I’d try and get an overview of the available recipes at flotil.la/cookbook - 500 Internal Server Error

  • Went to the individual recipes as mentioned in an earlier post - great, but some sort of instructions or clue as to which components I need to be plugging into the dock would be useful

  • Rockpool, looks good, seems to work, but some sort of online help/tutorial would be much appreciated (it may well be there but I can’t find it)

  • In the treasure chest I have a bag full of plastic bits, which I think I am meant to be using for the cookbook recipes. Can anybody confirm ?

  • Lastly I believe there where meant to be some sort of PDF file based templates to print for some/all of the cookbook recipes. Am I mistaken ?

You have an amazing product here that I know has taken a huge amount of dedication and hard work to produce a polished product (at least from a H/W perspective - I saw the fun you had getting circuit boards in the right colours).

I can see flotilla has the potential to be market leading and a fantastic educational device for getting kids into the world of computing/electronics etc, but it is just missing that last 0.5% that makes it usable/enjoyable.

Any assistance you can give will be much appreciated


Hi! Is this project still running? If it is, please give us clear instructions on how to get and use the latest and greatest version. And most important : get those recipies on track. I tried some of the links above but they don’t work.
Please give us a clear roadmap, or, in the worst case, tell US which parts of the project will never be completed, so we don’t have to wait for them.

I totally agree with the above post. It’s an amazing product you designed here. Now bring it to life and let the community take over afterwards.

Thanks and all the best!

Megaedit : Um, I just recognized that everything ist dreamt of is already available via the links in your online store! Yippie! Will start building stuff with my kids right now! (Hopefully The update to the newest flotilla version will work out on the pi…)



Just dropping in quickly to say: yes!

The Flotilla project is still very much a going concern, we’ve had meetings about it recently, and several of us have got long todo lists with “make Flotilla awesome” just repeated over and over and over.

We’ve recently had two new hires, Emma and Lydia who are helping us technical-minded folk (who get too hung up on details) refine Flotilla and continue to improve the software and documentation.

If you follow #BilgeTank, you’ll see us mention it from time to time. See for a sneak peek at some of the stuff we’ve been working on; https://youtu.be/HaXqAjumftc?t=385

I also have a very rough prototype for a new module that I want to get off the ground as soon as possible. Basically: stay tuned :D

Cookbook is here; http://learn.flotil.la/cookbook

Regular Rockpool is here: http://flotil.la/rockpool/

The very bleeding-edge and usually broken Rockpool is here: http://flotil.la/rockpool-edge/

And if you don’t hear from us on the forums, it’s probably because we’re stupendously busy working on it :D


Awesome, thanks for the response and the links. We spent half of the day going through the recipies today.
Worked nicely, although the pages could adapt a little bit better to Smartphone displays. For example the marble mace did not fit on my HTC M8.
Same goes for rockpool. But on the tablet they should work great, I guess.


Just as I see the links here: I do recommend to modify the links. Everytime I’m getting back to flotilla I can’t remember whether cookbook or rockpool is on flotil.la or on learn.flotil.la?!? Can you please put everything to learn.flotil.la or just flotil.la? That would be great!
Best wishes,