None coder asks, "Where's the code"?


As a total beginer, I was hoping that Rockpool would come with recipes. I have kit that I haven’t a clue how to use. I have been to the cookbook page, but the recipes won’t open. Come on guys, we waited months for this, you could at least show numpties like me how to use it.


See: Flotilla - Unofficial getting started guide

It should help you get some mileage out of your kit.


Thank you for your very quick response, The cookbook page seems not to be working, the weather station and mood light links are both greyed out. Are there any pdf files I can download just get me started? The kit look great, but at the moment, it’s next to useless to me.


The link above should help you get to the recipes. You will need for the dock and appropriate modules to be connected, as well as the software installed first however.


We’re working on it! At the moment the Cookbook is on the, ha! “back burner” while we polish up the firmware on the Dock and the rest of the software stack that it depends upon. Once all the underpinnings are shiny, then the Cookbook will become more than the awful, awful horrible mess than it currently is.

My advice at the moment: Run Rockpool and just fiddle with things! Get a feel for inputs and outputs, connect them together, try playing with some of the converters. You’ll be rewarded for casual exploration of the system!

This post sums up how it’s best approached: Flotilla with Rockpool for non-coders


You need to plug the modules into the dock for the weather station this is the barometer

For the mood light you need the Rainbow and touch modules connected then the cook book will be available


Thanks Tony. Sorry I haven’t replied earlier, but I suused it out that you needed the other stuff plugged in as well and didn’t come back to this thread.

Thanks again for replying.