I wish to use weather via my flotilla dock in windows

Hey there, i just got my bundle of flotilla joy in, and went to find drivers and software for flotilla dock etc, found a github library and download everything installed rockpool and updated the dock to newest via firmware, now i launched "Rockpool"desktop shortcut and waited for it to open a page in my browser, from there everything i get is a cant find the dock in the browser, what can i do, is it suppose to be Pi only? plz let me know!! ty <3

It should absolutely work in Windows. Are you connecting the Flotilla Dock directly to your computer? It should show up as a “USB Serial Device” in the “Devices and Printers” control panel.

Hey there gadgetoid! thnx for replying so soon ;)

Well its 3 blue L.e.d’s are on; and the talking one keeps flashing, now i have he command prompt basicly recognizing the dock and the weather module, but it keeps listening and cant seem to connect, the rockpool browser still can’t find it, i did however find in the “devices and printers” section calling itself COM3 flotilla dock. but rockpool still cant find it.

Looks like the server is having no problem finding it, and you’ve got the latest version, but it looks like the connections from the browser are going somewhat awry. What browser are you using? I wonder if I can re-create your conditions.

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I am using Firefox as my windows default browser, i do have chrome installed aswell, i was thinking the same thing it might have been the browser somehow, since at the very first run it did have a searching for docks animation aswelll, wich has now vanished entirely, once again thnx for the reply sir!

That [error] hande_read_frame error, was a first timer when i took the screenshot, normally it just repeats the messages above the error.

is it maybe a wise idea to try the dock on a different PC? i do have a windows 7 pc, could run a test on that to see if it does the same.

Hey there!! i was hoping to bump this i still cant get it to work i tried Chrome, Edge, and internet explorer 9 aswell. it does however give up a favicon 404 error in the launching browser command prompt.

Could you try the software here: http://flotil.la/rockpool-edge/

In any of the browsers (Chrome perhaps) do you see any errors reported if you launch developer tools?

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It shows the “Search” animation for a brief second when i replug the dock, then goes back to freeze at “searching for docks” at both links. your link does however do more and looks to have more features.

But the one thing i can see is the Favicon being missing, but that shouldnt interfere with the dock right?

Once again thank you for helping out! means alot!

The favicon shouldn’t make any difference, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on.

What happens if you run just Flotilla.exe and then navigate to http://flotil.la/rockpool-edge