Two Docks Appearing


I’ve just installed Flotilla. I’ve updated the RPi to the latest version of Raspbian, and then installed flotilla. When firing up Rockpool I’m seeing 2 docks, but there’s only on e attached. Has anyone else had this issue? What’s the resolution? I do have a Blink! installed on the RPi too, I’m not sure if that’s interfering.


Same here. NB I have no Blink! installed, just a bare Pi. Prob unrelated, but motion sensor not working either. Confess to being a bit disappointed with the whole thing. I’d hoped this was something I could just launch at my children, but the lack of documentation (I’ve still no idea how Rockpool works), modules not working and recipes crashing (we couldn’t get the rocket landing one to work) meant they and I rapidly lost interest, I desperately hope that the issues get sorted as the physical components and concept is excellent and thus the potential is huge.

Progress is far too slow.