Cannot connect to the dock!

Hi there,
I have a Mega Treasure Chest, which I’ve not used until today, even though I got this via the Kickstarter campaign!

I have the latest Raspbian (downloaded 9.7.16 with updates and upgrades).

I used and used “curl | bash” to get the Rockpool app.

My power supply is a “proper” one bought from a reputable source and supplies the required output.

When I plug the dock in and navigate to “” I get “no docks found yet! =(”. Even if I try the “Find a dock manually”, nothing ever connects. So basically I cannot use it!!!


I’ve reinstalled Raspbian a couple of times and tried a variety of cables and USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.


I really need some help please, but I need hand holding, as I’m not that clever with Linux, Raspberry Pi.

It would be a shame to not be able to use this!

Run “curl | bash” again and see that it actually updates the dock firmware (the dock needs to be plugged in). I had to run it twice as the first time the firmware didn’t update.

Yep - did that. Nothing has changed! Thanks for replying though.

The flotilla script, responsible for the dock firmware upgrade (necessary if you’ve never performed it) is currently broken. We’ll be sorting that out first thing in the morning - thanks for your patience!

the live script has now been fixed. Try the following again:

curl | bash

it should probe for your dock and update its firmware. Just follow the instructions on screen and don’t forget to unplug-replug the dock to the Pi at the end of the process.

Let us know if that sorts out the issue at your end.

That certainly seems to be working now.

On another note, I cannot get the colour or motion modules to do anything! Is there any guidance on how all these modules behave and how we can use them please?